What is a module in the phone?

Recently, I had to witness a scene where a man was offered to replace the display module on his smartphone, which became cracked after a fall. And then an interesting question was raised from this person – what is a module? And really, that is?

In terms of terms, a module is a functionally completed hardware unit, designed structurally as an independent product. We will not go far for an example, we will show you the display module mentioned above. Actually, here it is:

In this case, the display module combines not only the touch glass, but also the screen, as well as the panel for the front of the case. Of course, the display model is several times more expensive than touch glass, as it combines several expensive parts.

There are other meanings of this term. So, for some smartphones today, separate modules are offered – these can be said add-ons, which are purchased separately. This may be a special case-charger that connects to a smartphone or, say, a camera module, as, for example, in the case of the LG G5 – it is connected separately.

There are other modules on sale, their availability depends on the specific smartphone model.