What is a monopod for selfie (selfie stick)?

Selfie is a type of photograph in which the user captures himself on the camera. Currently, selfie photos are incredibly popular all over the world, including our country..

As a rule, a front camera of a mobile phone (smartphone) is used for selfies, which, however, does not always make it possible to capture a group photo or a photo in which all the necessary panorama would be visible. In such cases, it is customary to use a monopod (selfie stick) for a selfie or, as we call it, a selfie stick. What is this device?

In fact, nothing unusual – this is a tripod with one support (“stick”), to which you can attach a mobile device. The stick itself, as a rule, is made of plastic, in more expensive models metal can be used. Usually a selfie stick has a telescopic structure, that is, it allows you to vary the length of the monopod. In some models, you can find a mirror that allows you to see which photo you get. However, if there is a screen on the smartphone where the future photo is displayed, this solution looks a little strange.

How a selfie stick works?

On sale there are several options for selfie sticks that use a different scheme for taking photos.

  • The most common option for today is using Bluetooth technology. The bottom line is that there is a button on the monopod handle, clicking on which the user receives a photo. To connect to the device uses the same Bluetooth technology. This option is good because you do not need to use any additional wires, you can take a photo at any time. By the way, monopods with a control panel are on sale, although the essence of the work does not change from this.
  • A much simpler type of monopod is the most common stick without any button. This version of the selfie stick works simply – you need to set the time on the smartphone, insert the latter into the tripod and wait for the photo to be taken. Inconvenient? Compared to the previous version with Bluetooth technology, this monopod version really seems outdated.

  • There are also selfie sticks for certain smartphone models that work using a different technology. For example, they can be connected to the monopod using the headphone jack. The disadvantage of such products is that they can only be used for certain smartphone models.

How much is a selfie stick?

In fact, this is an inexpensive device – its cost can be only a couple of dollars, if we talk about foreign Internet sites. However, even here you can buy inexpensive models of monopods at a price of a couple of hundred rubles or more. In a word, this is a budget accessory.

P.S. By the way, in some countries the use of selfie sticks has already been banned. True, we are talking about a ban on sporting events such as football or tennis. In addition, some visited art galleries also plan to ban the use of monopods..