What is a prefix in a phone number?

The word “prefix” is not often found, but sometimes you have to deal with it, especially when you call by mobile phone and you are asked to dial a prefix. What is this all about? To answer this question, let’s recall what parts the telephone number consists of: country code, prefix and the number itself. The prefix is ​​the code of the mobile operator: for example, 8 998 000-00 – ** (prefix highlighted).

Each prefix is ​​assigned to one or another mobile operator and it is already possible to identify from which number of the mobile operator you received an incoming call. But since there aren’t so many prefixes today, each of them is difficult to remember, so there are even special programs that show which mobile operator’s number they are calling from (in some cases, you really need to know this).

And now – a much more illustrative example. Open the Phone application.

And we can clearly see these very prefixes.

True, they are shown only on numbers not added to the phone book. To see the number and prefix of the subscriber from the phone book, you need to open his card.

Data is in front of you.