What is a protective glass on a smartphone?

Many modern smartphones use special tempered glass, which, according to the manufacturers, resists scratches. However, some users still get additional protection – in the form of a film. Today, however, films from the market are gradually being replaced by protective glasses..

The essence of the protective glass is indicated in its name – it is designed to protect the screen of the smartphone. But from what exactly? If we talk about the film, it is clear that the film in the best case can protect the screen only from scratches, while not everyone likes to use the film. The protective glass replaced the film, but it protects not only from scratches, but also when dropped. The fact is that the glass takes a blow in case of mechanical impact and cracks or breaks, but only on condition that high-quality glass is used and it is correctly “glued” to the screen.

What does it mean right? Let’s say that the smartphone uses a 2.5D glass screen that has curved edges. If you use an ordinary protective glass, it will not adhere to the display from the edges, as a result of which, under mechanical stress, it may not accept a shock.

Safety glasses are produced for most smartphones, but they cost a little more than films.

Glass looks like a film: