What is a screenshot on the phone and what is it for?

Screenshot – an irreplaceable thing! Let’s say on the screen of your device (smartphone, computer or laptop) you see some specific information that you need to immediately capture. And the question is how to do this? The answer is to take a screenshot! A screenshot or simply a screenshot is all that the user sees on the screen of his device at the time of taking the screenshot. Yes, you do not need a camera or a second smartphone to take a screenshot – you can do this using the device’s software.

That, in fact, is the whole answer – there is nothing to rant about. Much more important is the screenshot technique. Today, this is a very simple matter, which we will prove to you now. An example will be the smartphone Huawei / Honor. If you have a device of another company, do not worry, the algorithm is approximately the same – for the Android operating system.

Call up the curtain and look for the “Screenshot” icon. In our example, it is available. Just click on this icon and a screenshot will be created automatically.

Please note that the curtain can be called up even in the application and from there take a screenshot. By the way, the snapshot above is also a screenshot that was taken for this article. Here is an example.

So far, not all smartphones have received a button in the blind for creating a print screen, and then you will have to act as usual – press the keys. On the vast majority of Android smartphones, you must simultaneously press the sound reduction and power keys for about a second until a screenshot is taken.

In some cases, another key combination is used – increase the sound and turn on.

And on Samsung smartphones with a physical Home key, you can press the power and Home keys.

Interestingly, a similar method also works on the iPhone (relevant for devices with a physical Home key).

Screenshots are saved in the Gallery application.

Section – “Screenshots”.

It is also worth noting that many manufacturers add proprietary screenshot methods to the firmware. For example, in the same EMUI for Huawei / Honor, it became possible to create a screen shot with the three fingers that you need to draw on the display. to activate this function, go to “Settings”.

Open the Management section.

Tap on the item “Movement”.

Select the line “Three-finger screenshot”.

Enable function.

How it works is seen in the image above..