What is a stylus in a phone?

The stylus is usually called a computer pen, which we usually find on smartphones or tablets. The stylus is a small stick with a special tip. The wand can be made of plastic or metal, but a special material can be used for the tip. The stylus is needed to control the device, or to draw on a graphics tablet.

Stylus pens were most successful around the beginning and mid-2000s. Then, pocket PDAs were used, the management of which was entrusted to the stylus. Only then were styluses used for resistive screens, which responded equally to the pressure of the stylus, like any other sharp object. However, such a stylus did not scratch the screen due to the soft tip.

With the advent of familiar smartphones, and then tablets, things have changed. It’s not enough to use a simple stylus for a capacitive screen, because the screen doesn’t react at all to its touch. It is necessary to use a stylus with a special tip, inside of which there is a magnetically conducting ring, coil or metal filings.

The latter, by the way, also determines the cost of the stylus. If the simplest stylus for resistive screens is quite inexpensive, the cost of a stylus for capacitive screens is estimated several times higher.

Currently, styluses are rare. This is due to the fact that most users do not need them, since we perform all actions with a smartphone with our hands, in addition, the stylus can increase the cost of the device. However, there are devices for which it is definitely worth using a stylus. For example, this is a graphics tablet.

The Galaxy Note series has been using the stylus for generations. This, if you want, is a branded feature of this device, which the manufacturer does not plan to abandon.