What is a teletype in a telephone?

Sergey B. from Vladivostok writes to us: “A few weeks ago I bought a new smartphone. Today, delving into the settings of his device, he accidentally discovered a teletype mode. What it is?”

In fact, not only Sergei asks what teletype is in the phone. Formally, a teletype (from English teletype, teletypewriter, or TTY for short) is an electromechanical press that is used between two parties to send text messages. But in today’s mobile devices it has a different meaning – here it is a function for people with limited auditory and speech capabilities. TTY has several functions, for example, it allows you to enter text on the device screen if a person has speech disorders, and he can not transmit a message by voice. TTY allows you to make calls, while you need to connect a special adapter to it. So, in the case of the iPhone, such an adapter is sold on the official website of Apple.

After that, you will need to enable the function itself in the smartphone. The TTY icon will appear on the screen (not for all devices), then you can make a call.

Most devices support teletype, but not all. Detailed information on this should be found in the documentation for the smartphone..

How to enable teletype on a smartphone?

It depends on the model of your smartphone. In our case, everything is simple.

Go to Calls.

Press the “Menu” button (in our case it’s below the screen), select “Settings” in the list.

Next – “Other Settings”.

Then “TTY Mode” and select the desired item from the list.