What is a valid phone number?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you decided to register for some service on the Internet. Currently, most of the services for registration require the use of a phone number (previously there was enough email). And now you see the following message: “Enter a valid phone number.” What does it mean?

Valid means correct, acceptable, acceptable, that is, you must indicate the phone number that you have access to, since a verification code will come with a probability of 99% – you must specify it to complete registration.

Let’s take a simple example – install the WhatsApp messenger.

After installation, run.

We accept the terms of service by clicking “Accept and continue”.

After which, you will immediately be asked to indicate the phone number for registering an account.

Of course, you must indicate a valid phone number to which SMS will come with a code. If you specify an invalid phone number, you will not be able to register, because without a confirmation code you just won’t be able to do this – it is entered in a special field:

We also recommend that you pay attention to exactly how you should indicate the phone number: most services support a different number indication, for example, 8,999 or +7,999, but some of them support strict number indication, for example, only +7999. As a rule, this is indicated when registering an account.

And we would like to remind you not to register in the services, if the SIM card is not registered to you – in case of losing your phone, you can not restore access to the service.