What is a widget and what is it for?

A widget (from the English widget) can be translated approximately as “thing”, “bauble”, “contraption.” And what does this word actually mean? In fact, this is a small application for performing a simple action or for displaying this or that information. Widgets are found on the screen of computers, laptops, phones and other devices.

What is a widget on the phone?

Many applications have their own widgets. It can be either embedded applications or user-installed ones. As an example, Yandex.Navigator is endowed with a widget and this is how it looks on the smartphone screen:

The user decides whether to install the widget on the screen or not. To install, the first thing you need to do is open a section with widgets. In our example, we use a Samsung smartphone based on the One UI firmware, and here you need to pinch the screen, or click on an empty place on the desktop and hold.

The following menu will appear:

In the menu, click “Widgets”.

Find the desired widget, for example, for Yandex.Navigator. There he is:

To place the widget on the desktop, click on it and hold your finger, after which it will be possible to transfer it to the desktop.

Release your finger. Here’s what happened:

A small handy widget that shows time, weather forecast and traffic jams. And with it, you can call the navigator. Conveniently.

What is a widget on a site?

This add-on for the site, of which there can be a great many. One of the widgets on our website are the “Share” buttons for social networks from Yandex:

Another option is a message form for VKontakte users on the site:

What is a widget in VK?

In VK, widgets are being actively developed primarily for communities (business communities). These are the same convenient applications for the convenience of users. For example, a bot answering machine application or a request collection form that you can install in your group.

The list of widgets in VK is huge.

What is a widget in Windows?

Similar widgets to what you could see for Android devices.

In the example above – widgets for Windows Vista, and on it they are called gadgets.