What is an account on an Android phone and why is it needed?

Not all users know why to create an account on Android smartphones and tablets. Moreover, not everyone knows what this account is. It doesn’t matter, we know the answer to this question.

So, an account is a user account. For example, a profile on VKontakte is a user account on a social network. Android smartphones and tablets use a Google Account. The account stores personal data about the owner of the device, as well as other stored information that is synchronized with Google’s servers – with its help, in which case it will be possible to recover data or at least part of it. Why Google? Everything is simple – Android belongs to the Internet giant Google.

The trick is that Google allows you to use a single account for all its services. What does it mean? Let’s say you use Google Mail Gmail, so you can use the same account on your smartphone. With it, we can use Google services such as Google Play, YouTube, Google Drive, etc..

What gives a Google account on a smartphone?

If you need to install the application from the Google Play Market, you can’t do without an account.

An account allows you to synchronize information and, if necessary, allows you to restore it from backup (just remember to enable synchronization in the settings).

When linking an account, you get access to Google services. Want to comment on a YouTube video? No need to go through additional authorization. Want to log in to Gmail? Just open the Gmail app. Agree, this is very convenient.

Is it possible to do without an account on an Android smartphone?

It is possible, however, in this there are more minuses than pluses. For example, in case of problems it will not be possible to restore information from backup, and there is nothing to say about installing applications from Google Play – it will not work.

What does an account look like?

It looks like a regular Gmail email address, which you must enter with a password to bind.

How to create an account?

You can use a valid Gmail email address, or create an account yourself – from a computer or from a smartphone / tablet. It takes only a few seconds of free time, as our site described in detail.