What is an Apple ID?

IOS smartphones are one of the most popular in the world, the demand for them is huge. Russia did not pass by, where iPhone smartphones are also very fond of. And often the iPhone user is the person who previously used the Android device. So, he will certainly have questions about using his new device, since iOS and Android have significant differences. For example, what is Apple ID?

Apple ID is an authentication system that is used in a large number of Apple products, including the App Store and iCloud. Why do I need an Apple ID? It’s simple: in fact, the Apple ID is an account with which you can access Apple services. Suppose you need to download an application from the App Store, to do this, you need an identifier, that is, an Apple ID. It can be said that this is an analog account in the Android operating system.

Apple ID contains personal information about the user, as well as his settings. For example, you decide to enter your Apple ID on the new iPhone, in this case the device will automatically receive the settings that were saved in this identifier, so the initial setup of the device will be significantly accelerated.

Apple does not prohibit the use of several different Apple IDs, if necessary, but the user must understand that combining multiple identifiers is not possible.

Apple ID is also a very important component when losing a device, because it allows you to enable the search for the missing iPhone, iPad, etc., as well as remotely block it, and in such a way that, in fact, the device turns into a “brick” – it will be used impossible.

However, the use of the iPhone lock function has generated a fraudulent scheme, which, alas, many owners of the same iPhone come across. The bottom line is: on some forum or social network, another user (often on behalf of a beautiful lady) is rubbed in trust in the owner of the iPhone, who tearfully begs for her Apple ID to be indicated on her smartphone to check something. As soon as the user enters the username and password, the iPhone is immediately blocked by a fraudster, since he can do it remotely from his personal account. After that, the poor people demand a certain amount for unlocking the smartphone. As a rule, we are talking about thousands and even tens of thousands of rubles. People are often forced to pay, although unlocking a smartphone with checks is possible through Apple support, however, it will take some time – often more than one week. See don’t fall for this trick.