What is an IMEI phone and what is it for?

IMEI (short for English phrase International Mobile Equipment Identity – an international identifier for mobile equipment) is a number unique to each phone. Used in mobile as well as some satellite phones.

In simpler terms, IMEI is a unique identification number for each phone or smartphone. It consists of 14 decimal digits and one check digit. The code contains data on the serial number of the device, its model and origin. So, the first 8 digits are called TAC (Type Approval Code) and talk about the model of the device and its place of origin. The rest of the IMEI is the serial number of the device, which is determined by the manufacturer according to the so-called Moon algorithm, with a check digit assigned at the end.

There is IMEISV (from the English International Mobile Terminal Identity and Software Version number), which consists of 16 digits. In addition to providing a unique identification for each phone, it also allows for software versions that are authorized by the operator. In turn, the services available directly for this device depend on the software..

In 2002, information was prepared by representatives of large foreign mobile operators, which stated that IMEI could be changed using simple software. Today, changing IMEI is much more difficult, as manufacturers of mobile equipment are improving the security system. Some companies claim that IMEI is simply impossible to change in their devices. It is noteworthy that in some countries, changing IMEI is a criminal offense..

IMEI is indicated in several places. The easiest way to find it is to type * # 06 # on the keyboard (supported by most manufacturers):

The main numbers we have hidden.

There are other ways that we talked about in more detail in the next article..

Why do i need IMEI?

  • IMEI is used to identify the device on the network.
  • IMEI is the serial number of the phone.
  • IMEI can be used to monitor the phone and block stolen devices at the level of a mobile operator. True, in the latter case, you cannot use the device only within one operator.
  • Using IMEI, you can find out if the device is stolen.