What is an MMS message?

The acronym MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service (multimedia messaging system). It allows you to send images, videos or ringtones not only to the phone, but also to e-mail. And although the maximum size of such a message is 999 Kb, the operator may impose its own restrictions regarding the size of the message. Many operators support MMS, the size of which does not exceed 300 Kb.

Unlike SMS, in MMS the user can send not only the usual text, but also some photo. In order to read the message in full, the user needs to connect to the Internet.

MMS message itself consists of two parts. The first part is a text message that arrives at the recipient. The second part is an image, video or audio clip that is stored on the operator’s server. The message contains information that the user needs to download the bulk of the MMS message from the server. At the same time, on many devices it is possible to automatically download MMS messages as soon as they arrive to the user..

For MMS, special settings are used that the operator provides (by analogy with the settings for SMS messages). Setup usually happens automatically.

Currently, the popularity of MMS messages is falling, which is not surprising, since for smartphones special messengers are used more often, where there is no limit on sending messages and files, moreover, you do not need to pay for sending messages themselves – only for Internet traffic.

Above, you can observe the simplest example of an MMS message with automatic file upload.