What is call forwarding on a Beeline, MTS, Megaphone phone?

Have you ever heard of call forwarding on your phone? Surely heard, although you do not know what it is. In fact, everything is quite simple – this is a special service that is provided including by mobile operators.

Call forwarding (call forwarding) is the ability to redirect an incoming call from one number to another. Let’s look at the simplest example. You advertise in a newspaper, attach a phone number and wait for a call. An event occurs, as a result of which the phone is taken from you for several days. Since the advertisement has already been published in the newspaper, you cannot change the number, however, you can set call forwarding on the telephone that is being taken from you. Set up call forwarding and all incoming calls from that number will go to another number – which you specify. Everyone is happy and content..

Please note that you can forward calls not only to another mobile number, but also to a landline.

Call Forwarding Types

There are 4 main types of call forwarding..

  • Unconditional forwarding. In this case, all incoming calls are redirected to another number..
  • Forwarding by employment. Calls will be forwarded to another number only when the number is busy.

  • Forwarding in the absence of a response. In this case, call forwarding is possible if the subscriber does not answer the call. The subscriber himself can set the waiting time.
  • Call forwarding when the network is unable to establish a connection with the called number. This call forwarding method is used if the subscriber is out of network coverage or his phone is switched off.

How much does it cost?

Depends on the specific tariff and carrier. There are tariffs where call forwarding is free, there are tariffs where you have to pay for it anyway. On separate tariffs, forwarding is taken only if the subscriber has exceeded the limit of free calls.