What is custom firmware?

Users of smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system, who only recently joined the users of this OS, often ask what is custom firmware. The answer is simple.

The official firmware from the developer, which is already installed on the device purchased in the store, is called stock. Custom is called modified, that is, modified firmware, work on which is usually carried out by one or more users. Why do we need custom firmware, if stock ones exist, you ask? To answer this question, we will show you the main advantages of this kind of firmware.

  • First of all, these are additional functions that you will not find in the official firmware.
  • The lack of various applications that are built into the stock firmware. And they just won’t be able to delete them, because the manufacturer blocks the removal of “their” applications. To do this, you need root rights.
  • Lack of some features that users do not need.
  • Opportunities for customizing the operating system that are not available in the original firmware.
  • Often increased speed, and sometimes longer battery life.
  • Often, root-rights are already built into custom firmware.

However, such firmware has disadvantages.

  • Firstly, you perform all the steps for installing the firmware at your own risk. This means that if something goes wrong and the device turns into a “brick”, the case will not be recognized as a warranty..
  • Secondly, custom firmware can work with bugs and glitches.
  • Thirdly, the presence of root rights removes the device from the guarantee.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that custom firmware is often not only more interesting than stock, but also allows you to improve the device for the better.

Here is an example of stock and modified firmware. In this picture is the stock TouchWiz firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S3:

And here is Cyanogenmod on the same smartphone:

By the way, at one time Cyanogenmod was designed by a group of enthusiasts, and today it is a whole company that works with various manufacturers of smartphones and tablets.