What is data transfer in a phone / smartphone?

Many users, in whose hands the Android smartphone is for the first time, most often do not even know what most of the menu sections mean. And this is normal – over time, most questions disappear. In the same article, we will examine what data transfer is in modern devices..

Where can I see this designation? In our example, a Huawei / Honor smartphone is used and such an inscription is clearly visible in the so-called curtain (quick menu).

Data transfer in a phone or smartphone means mobile Internet. If you click on the button above, mobile data will be turned on, that is, mobile Internet.

Of course, the Internet will turn on if it is supported by your tariff plan. Generally supported.

The same can be seen in the smartphone menu. Go to Settings.

Next, in our example, you need to click “More”.

Select “Mobile Network”.

And enable data transfer if necessary.

At the same time, an icon appears in the status bar when data transfer is enabled. In our case – 4G.

The type of network changes in the same place – in the settings of the mobile network.

Pay attention to the fact that the item “Data Transfer” on different smartphones and firmware may have a different name, for example, “Internet”.