What is email and how to create it?

Email (e-mail, from English electronic mail – e-mail) – this is the email address that the user uses if necessary. With it, you can send and receive emails using the Internet..

Although e-mail cannot completely supplant ordinary mail, the advantage is clearly on its side. Causes? They are simple: you can at any time correct something in the letter before it is sent, and mail delivery usually takes a matter of seconds, and sometimes even less. In addition, you can attach various files to the message, including electronic documents or images.

To send an email to another user, you just need to know his email address. If the address is incorrect, the system will notify you about it..

The most successful are mail services that belong to large companies. For example, this is Gmail from Google, Yandex.Mail from Yandex, Mail.ru service.

Minuses? Perhaps, perhaps a huge amount of spam, which, fortunately, advanced email services learned to filter, as well as delays in the delivery of letters, which, however, are extremely rare.

What email looks like?

It looks like this:

username @ domain name


[email protected]

The domain name may vary. For example, when registering with Mail.ru, you can select a domain name: it is not only @ mail.ru, but also, for example, @ list.ru.

How to create an email?

And now we will pass to the most interesting – creation of a mail box. And since our site is primarily dedicated to smartphones, we will create a box using a mobile device. Launch browser.

For the first example, take the Yandex mail service. Open the site yandex.ru and on the main one click “Login” in the “Mail” section.

Tap on the “Register” button.

Indicate the name, surname, username and password, mobile number – optional. Whether to indicate real name and surname is up to you. In the future, they can be changed through the same mailbox.

When the data are specified, click on the “Register” button, do not forget to read the terms of the user agreement.

The box was created, you can use.

And in the case of Gmail, everything is simpler – if you have an Android smartphone, your inbox will act as your account on the smartphone. And you can create it, for example, through the system settings.

Go to Settings.

Next is the Accounts section..

Click on the “Add Account” button.

Choose a Google Account.

On the page that opens, tap on the “Create Account” button.

Choose for whom the account – yourself or the child.

Indicate name and surname.

Date of birth as well as gender.

You come up with a unique address (unique in the sense that it is not busy in the system) with your future email.

Then specify the password twice. Don’t forget him.

Read and, if agree, accept the terms of use.

Done, account created.

It is not only tied to your smartphone, you can use it as an email address, because it has the form [email protected]