What is Flyme on Meizu?

Flyme OS is an operating system from Meizu, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and other equipment, based on the Android Open Source Project. Used on Meizu devices. Flyme is also supported by some devices from other manufacturers..

The Flyme OS was first shown in 2012 (version 1.0) and was immediately praised by critics..

The Flyme 2.0 version was released just a few months later, it was based on a more modern version of Android, and also received several new features like root support.

Flyme OS 3.0 appeared along with the Meizu MX3 smartphone. She got the so-called “flat” interface.

Version 4.0 was released simultaneously with Meizu MX4. This is the first version of Flyme that has been ported to other devices..

The latest as of this writing is Flyme 6.

With the release of each new version, the firmware receives a lot of updates.