What is geolocation in the phone?

Geolocation is the determination of the real location of an electronic device, which in our case is a smartphone or phone. Geolocation is not tied to satellite systems, the location can be determined by the location of the stations of cellular networks. Or, for example, by connecting to the Internet.

Why do you need geolocation? It may be necessary for positioning a person (smartphone). Imagine that you opened the application with maps on your smartphone and you need to get to a certain street. To get the exact route, the app needs to know your exact location. Another example: you upload a photo to a social network and in order to establish the location where this image was created, you must use geolocation.

How to enable geolocation on Android smartphones?

We draw your attention to the fact that manufacturers of mobile devices can use various firmwares that change the appearance of the shell, and often the names in the menu. We will show an example on the stock version of Android 4.4.

Go to Settings.

Find the My Location or Location section..

Check the box next to “Access my location”.

If necessary, select your location – using GPS satellites and / or network coordinates.

If necessary, you can configure geolocation using an application that needs to know your location. When you click on the menu button in the application, you will be automatically redirected to the desired settings section.