What is global firmware Xiaomi or Meizu?

Firmware is an operating system in its form that is installed on a smartphone or tablet. Firmware is also called the installation file, which contains all the necessary files for installing the operating system..

There are so-called global firmware. This term can be heard in a conversation between users of Xiaomi smartphones or, for example, Meizu. What does global firmware mean??

Global firmware is such firmware that uses translations into various languages, including Russian (from the word global – global). Take Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro as an example. Officially, the manufacturer offers for him the “Chinese” and global firmware MIUI. The first is usually used in the domestic market, since it contains only two languages ​​- Chinese itself and English in addition. The global MIUI firmware has support for many languages. See for yourself:

Meizu also has something similar with its Flyme firmware, but the manufacturer went further and offers the Russian language only in smartphones intended for official sale (at the time of writing). Meizu smartphones purchased from abroad are content with the lack of the Russian language, however, with certain actions, Russification is possible, but the process itself cannot be called easy.

In short, global firmware is good because it has support for many languages.