What is HDR in the phone’s camera?

HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) or just HDR (High Dynamic Range – high dynamic range) – this is such a technology for working with images and video, the brightness range of which exceeds the capabilities of standard technologies.

Imagine that you decided to photograph the building on the camera of your phone. You are trying to rent a building, but it turns out that it goes too dark against a bright sky. Accordingly, it is very difficult to distinguish any details, while the human eye, looking at the building, sees all these details and perfectly distinguishes.

If you set the exposure on the building itself, highlighting one or another site, we will see the building in all its glory, but the sky will turn into a blur, “blurry” picture. It turns out that we need to combine the two specified images into one, so that both the sky and the building fit normally in the image. Here, HDR technology will help us, which actually combines several different images with different exposures, allowing you to get high-quality photos.

Most modern smartphones support the use of HDR technology, so, in theory, the need for a third-party application disappears. But this is not always true, since in some cases the operation of the HDR mode leaves much to be desired and a third-party application will help to get out of the situation, with which you can get much better images. In addition, they often have additional settings, including changing brightness, contrast, etc. There are a great many such applications on the Google Play Store and the App Store, which one does its job better, it’s up to you to download and try.

Please note that using the HDR mode is not recommended while driving: several exposures of the same scene are used for the image and if this scene suddenly changes, imagine what photo is waiting for you …

Examples of shots in normal mode and HDR mode (on the right – HDR mode):

HDR is the key to success?

No! In any case, not always, since often the use of the HDR mode negatively affects the image quality. For example, it is not recommended to photograph solid objects. In any case, use different modes, try to take as many photos as possible to understand where and when to use the HDR mode.