What is HotKnot on an Android phone?

We continue to talk about interesting chips that are found in modern smartphones based on Android and not only. Today we talk about a technology like HotKnot. What, never heard of her? This is not surprising, because with us it is not common.

HotKnot technology was created in 2013 and is supported by smartphones based on MediaTek processors. It is necessary for data transfer. In general, we know a lot of transfer technologies, for example, NFC, but MediaTek offered something new. This, by the way, is the technology logo:

The point is this. Suppose you need to transfer some file to a friend’s smartphone, let it be a video. HotKnot must be enabled on both devices.

Next, you need to select the file to send: usually you need to click on it, tap “Share”, then select HotKnot. And now, attention, you need to bring both devices together with displays so that there is a small distance between them, just 1 cm.

In this case, data transfer will immediately begin. But what protocol? Over wifi! Yes, yes, Wi-Fi in this case is automatically turned on on both devices, but data is transmitted over the Internet. Plus – high speed data transfer, minus – not everywhere there is the possibility of using Wi-Fi, and the Internet in principle.

According to Western media, this technology is most developed in China..