What is MIUI in Xiaomi smartphones?

Without software, a smartphone turns into a brick, as it is now fashionable to say. The software is the so-called firmware – a set of hardware settings and software located in the device’s memory. Here is MIUI – also firmware.

MIUI is pronounced “miyuay.” This is firmware based on the Android operating system developed by Xiaomi, on the devices of which it can be observed. However, since this is open source firmware, some third-party developers port it to devices from other manufacturers..

At the time of writing, this firmware is one of the most popular in the world, which is not surprising given the number of Xiaomi devices sold worldwide. It is interesting primarily because it combines the most successful solutions from both Android and iOS, which is used on Apple devices.

Xiaomi usually produces two types of firmware for its devices: for developers and (developer) and the so-called stable. Firmware for developers often comes out and new solutions are usually tested on them, so it is better for an ordinary user to download stable firmware. Also, firmware are divided into China and Global. The first firmware has only two languages ​​- Chinese and English, while the second gets support for many languages, including Russian. And do not forget about third-party developers who create their own versions of firmware based on MIUI. There are at least a few such popular developers..

With each new update, MIUI, as a rule, receives new functionality. The design usually changes with major updates, that is, for example, when switching from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8. The firmware design is original, although nothing prevents the user from installing the launcher to his taste.

MIUI has a lot of cool chips, which often do not support other firmware. These include:

  • Dual application. Allows you to clone an application to use two versions of the application simultaneously.
  • Accidental Lock.
  • Wallpaper carousel.
  • DR Reminder.
  • Sending pending SMS.

And much more. Just try and find out.