What is NFC in a smartphone and how to use it?

NFC – this is the same detail because of which there are disputes on forums, boards and on social networks. Why? Because some say that today we can’t do without NFC, while others believe that you can easily and simply use a smartphone without this technology. So why users argue so much?

NFC or Near Field Communication (translated as “near contactless communication”) is a short-range wireless communication technology, that is, it allows you to transfer data at a distance of only 4 centimeters! Why so few, the user may ask? This makes sense, we will answer.

The main field of application of the NFC module is contactless payment. How it works? Install the application on a smartphone, for example, Google Pay, add a bank card and you can use contactless payment. For payment, the NFC module is used. It would be possible to use another module, but on the NFC side – instantly establish communication between objects, low power consumption and an extremely short distance for data transfer. As for the latter, you need to bring the smartphone close to the terminal to pay for the goods.

This is done for your protection – with this range, no one can simply steal money from your card. In addition, the use of the same Google Pay is impossible without additional protection for the desktop – password, fingerprint scanner, etc..

Actually, contactless payment is why many users advocate exclusively for the presence of the NFC module in the smartphone. It’s a pity that on many smartphones it is still not there, since it increases the cost of the device.

The NFC module has other applications: mobile purchase in public transport, electronic money, traveler’s card, identification card, electronic key, etc. And yet, we repeat, the main area of ​​application is contactless payments..

How to use NFC?

No matter what the need for NFC you have, you should first turn on the module in any case. Make it easy.

Call the curtain. Find the NFC icon and tap on it.

The icon has changed color, the module is on.

This will also be reported by the icon in the status bar.

The second way to enable the module is not so convenient. Open the Settings app.

Go to the section with connections (in our example it is called “Connecting a device”).

Click on the line NFC.

Turn on the NFC switch.

If you are going to pay something, just bring the smartphone to the terminal, as shown in the screenshot above (the screen should be unlocked in the case of Google Pay). And we read the data from the metro map. To do this, open an application that allows you to read this data – Yandex.Metro in our case.

We see the metro map.

We lean the card “Three” to the front or back of the smartphone. And see the information.