What is OTG in the phone?

In fact, we have already mentioned OTG on the pages of our site more than once, and you, dear users, probably often met this abbreviation when you read about the characteristics of a particular smartphone. What is this very OTG?

USB OTG (from English On-The-Go) is a USB feature that is designed to easily connect USB devices to each other without the need for a computer. In practice, this means that two devices that support this feature can be connected directly to each other. For example, you have a camera and want to print photos. You do not need to connect it to a computer; you can connect it directly to a printer and print photos. True, in most cases, everything is much simpler and OTG is usually used to connect a USB flash drive to a smartphone or tablet using USB – in this case, you can read data directly from a flash card. For example, you can run a movie on the screen of a device, which in turn was downloaded to a memory card.

An OTG cable is used for connection. It is inexpensive and looks like this:

There are also OTG hubs that allow you to connect several different devices!

As we found out above, it is not necessary to connect only a USB flash drive. People often connect a mouse to the same tablets and even smartphones. And she works!

As for hard drives, they can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, but only on condition that they are powered from the network, since they require large energy investments.

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Which smartphones support OTG??

In fact, most smartphones and even tablets support this function today, so it makes no sense to present a list of models – it will take more than one or even two pages.

Nevertheless, we advise you to carefully read the specifications when choosing a device. If you need OTG support, don’t be too lazy to find out about it in advance, so you don’t bite your elbows later.