What is PowerBank and how to use it?

The word PowerBank can be translated from English as a charger or a portable charger. Actually, everything is clear from the name – with the help of PowerBank you can charge the device, but which one? It depends on the charging itself – some can only charge smartphones, others are even suitable for laptops. Note that users prefer to use PowerBank primarily for charging a smartphone, much less often – a tablet.

As a rule, this type of portable charging has several degrees of protection that do not allow to disable the smartphone’s battery, control the degree of charge, do not allow the device to overheat, etc..

Some of PowerBanks got the opportunity to quickly charge, which, of course, cannot but rejoice: charging a typical smartphone takes 1-1.5 hours against 2.5-3.

As for the appearance of portable charging, in this regard, the choice is huge: some companies prefer the classic options, others – unusual. So, on sale there are charges in the form of a flashlight, for example:

And this is a classic version from Xiaomi.

PowerBank capacity can vary greatly. As a rule, compact charges have a capacity of about 2000-3000 mAh, which in theory should be enough to charge one typical smartphone, but options for 5000-10000 mAh are more common. There are also at 20,000 mAh, but the demand for them is lower, including due to the higher cost, as well as much larger dimensions.

How to use Powerbank?

Oh, that is very simple. On the case you will find one or more USB ports (in the latter case, you can charge multiple devices at once).

Connect the cable to PowerBank, and the other side to the smartphone. Smartphone charging starts immediately – provided that the PowerBank is charged.

Is that all, the reader asks? Yes! You can’t imagine simpler.

To charge PowerBank itself, use mains charging and a cable. As you can see in the image below, another port is used to charge PoiwerBank..

In the photos – Xiaomi PowerBank, it has a charge indicator in the form of 4 LEDs.

And clicking on the button next to them shows the remaining charge level.

Very comfortably. However, in some budget charges, the function of viewing the remaining charge is not provided at all.