What is safe mode on Android?

Some of you might have seen the unusual message “Safe Mode” on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Of course, the question immediately arises – what kind of regime is this and why is it needed?

Here is the inscription on the device itself (pay attention to the bottom of the window):

Safe mode is the operation of the system, which at startup blocks access to some applications, launching only Android system applications. In this case, other applications that can automatically start when starting in normal mode do not start. In this regard, safe mode is similar to what many of you could see on the Windows operating system – in Windows in safe mode only system programs also run.

Why do you need safe mode on Android?

Imagine that a large number of various applications are installed on your device, while the device starts to slow down terribly and does not allow it to be used normally. This is probably due to one of the applications. To make sure of this, you can boot your device in safety mode and if you do not notice any slowdowns, the case is definitely in some of the applications that need to be removed or updated to the latest version.

In some cases, this mode is used, among other things, to remove an application that is not uninstalled in normal mode..

How to enable and disable safe mode on your device?

Our site has already talked about this in a previous article..