What is swipe?

Talking about the various capabilities of devices based on the Android OS, we often use such an unusual word as “swipe”. It turned out that many users do not know its meaning. Fill this gap.

The word “swipe” has two meanings at once. In the first case, a swipe is a special gesture when you put your finger on the screen of a smartphone or tablet and guide it in the desired direction on the screen. For example, to open the curtain on a smartphone, you need to swipe from the top of the device to the bottom:

An example is based on a Samsung smartphone and One UI firmware. The indicated gesture seems to be supported by all Android devices, regardless of the type of firmware and device name.

In addition, the specified One UI firmware also supports swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top – a list with applications opens:

Convenient and useful feature. We also note that swipes are supported by some applications – they use certain functions.

It is important to note that the word “swipe” in this sense can be used in relation to any device that supports such finger movements on the screen, and not just on Android OS. So, screen movements on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) are also called swipe.

The second value is the name of the Swype keyboard (from the English swipe – hold without tearing, slide and type – type text), which allows you to enter text on the screen of a smartphone or tablet without lifting your finger. The creator of this word set method is Cliff Kushler. At the time of writing, the Swype keyboard is not available on the Play Market – in 2018, a statement was issued by developers who said that more updates would not be supported.

Currently, in the online stores of the Play Market and the App Store, you can find many keyboard applications that support writing text without lifting your finger from the screen. It is believed that the swipe keyboard allows you to type much faster than a standard keyboard. A simple example – the most popular Gboard keyboard from Google – in the settings you can enable the “Continuous input” function:

It allows you to enter words without lifting your finger from the screen.

Try it, suddenly you will like it?