What is sync on an Android phone?

Most modern smartphones are running the Android operating system, which occupies a large part of the market. By the way, its main developer is the Internet giant Google.

The system can be linked to an account, and the account is the Gmail.com mailbox, which also belongs to Google. Very convenient: you have one account that you can use in a variety of Google services, including your Android device. You can even use one account on multiple devices. Be that as it may, an account is necessary in order to be able to download applications from the Google Play Store, as well as to synchronize data. We will talk about the last point in more detail.

What is data synchronization??

In simple terms, synchronization is the exchange of data between a device and an account. Here is the simplest example: you have a lot of phone numbers on your phone that you are afraid of losing. This is not a problem – synchronize the device with the server and now, even if you delete all the numbers (it’s better not to do this, of course), they can be restored by synchronizing with the server. Agree, this is very convenient.

Interestingly, some companies offer their own services other than Google. They also allow you to synchronize information and restore it in case of any problems. You can use several data storage services with subsequent synchronization, if you are so worried about data safety.

There is such an interesting point: if you make a contact in your account, say, through Google services on your computer, after which synchronization occurs (by the way, it usually happens automatically as soon as the device gets access to the Internet), the contact will be on your smartphone if You are using the same account. Of course, this can be changed through the settings..

How to set up synchronization?

By default, synchronization is turned on, so usually its inclusion is not required. If there is a need, go to the settings (an example is shown for a device from Huawei, but the instructions are universal and suitable for any Android smartphone).

Next is the Accounts section..

Choose a Google Account.

If synchronization is disabled, you will see something like the following:

Turn on the services that you need (you can select everything), and then tap on the “Synchronize” button (if it is absent, then synchronization will happen automatically when connected to the network).

Data syncs.

If you don’t have a Google Account yet, you must create one.