What is the background mode in the phone?

Many of the users of Android smartphones could hear about the background mode, but what it is, some simply do not know. Background mode is, roughly speaking, a mode in which individual applications or processes operate without user intervention. Want an example? You don’t have to go far – you can take any popular messenger. See, when you do not chat with friends on the messenger, it is in the background, and as soon as a message arrives, you receive a notification about it. If the messenger did not work in the background and was completely turned off, you would simply not be able to receive a notification. In general, the background mode is a very useful thing..

However, it should be noted that not all applications that run in the background are useful to the user. It can be, for example, some services that are built into the firmware, and simply cannot be removed in the usual way – there is no such possibility. Meanwhile, the user may not use part of these services or all of them at once, however, they often work in the background and load together with the operating system, consuming hardware resources. But such applications can be stopped.

As an example, we will use the Huawei smartphone and stop the WhatsApp application – just as an example: it is better not to turn off the messenger, otherwise you will stop receiving notifications before turning it on.

Open settings.

Go to the section with applications.

Find and open the page of the desired application.

Click on the “Stop” button.

Confirm action.

The application will be stopped until you start it (just click on the application icon to do this).