What is the core in a phone / smartphone?

It happens that you read information about the smartphone you like, and then you come across a word like the kernel (in English – kernel). Many users do not understand what is at stake, and therefore turn to operating systems for help. So what are we talking about?

The kernel version is specified in the smartphone settings. Go to the “About the device” section and see opposite this item (“Kernel Version” or Kernel Version in English-language firmware) a set of letters, numbers, and often symbols:

In this case, we are talking about the kernel as the central part of the operating system, which provides applications with coordinated access to the device’s resources, such as memory, processor time, hardware, etc. Simply put, the kernel is responsible for the interaction between the software part of the system and the hardware. Want a simple example? Suppose you press the Power key to turn on the screen of your device, the system “sees” that you pressed the button and tells the software that you need to turn on the screen. All processes go through the core of the device..

By the way, if you think that only Android OS has a kernel, you are mistaken, since other operating systems also have a kernel.

It is important to note that there are custom kernels (the stock kernel is installed on the device by default), which, for example, allows you to overclock the processor, because this function is blocked on the stock core.

And do not forget about the processor cores. Usually, their number is indicated in the technical characteristics of the device, for example, an 8-core processor such and such.