What is the difference between Rostest and Eurotest and which is better?

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, the user can get acquainted with the cost of the device in various stores, for example, using the Internet. And for sure it will be very surprised by the variation in prices. One of the reasons why a smartphone in one store is much more expensive than in another is the presence of the PCT sign (the so-called Rostest). At the same time, less expensive devices are called Eurotest. What is this, actually, and what is the difference between devices?

What is Rostest and Eurotest?

  • The presence of the PCT (Rostest) mark on the phone or other device indicates that it has passed the Rostest quality certification, which is what the designation symbolizes. This means that the device was officially imported into the country directly by the manufacturer or by the supplier.
  • Eurotest is the unofficial name of devices that comply with European standards of quality and safety. Sellers usually import such devices on their own..

What is the difference between Rostest and Eurotest?

No matter how strange it may sound, in most cases the user will not find any differences at all when buying a device. Why? For the simple reason that there are no obvious differences.

Well, you say, but then why are PCT devices more expensive? The fact is that the device must be certified, and this, as you know, costs money. Accordingly, part of the costs for this falls on the shoulders of buyers. In addition, in this case, the manufacturer gives his guarantee directly. In the case of the Eurotest, the seller gives a guarantee, and to say that it is better in this case is.

It is noteworthy that PCT smartphones are not always more expensive than Eurotest, it often happens exactly the opposite – they are sold cheaper, because the manufacturer can afford to reduce the cost of their products, and sellers, whose main goal is to make a profit, can’t do this.

The Rostest device cannot be fake, while smartphones purchased in an unknown store may be fake. There are really a lot of fakes on the market and the user is far from always able to understand that before faking, the more so since the latter have become very high-quality.

In rare cases, there will be a difference between Rostest and Eurotest devices. For example, a well-known manufacturer of mobile devices has left Russian in their devices only for those that are officially sold in our country. Other devices use only English and Chinese. Accordingly, if you buy such a smartphone in some online store, then it will not have the Russian language. However, this case is a rare exception, not a rule. But be on the lookout.

As for everyone’s favorite iPhone, the difference will only be in the warranty. In addition, the “gray” iPhone can be locked to a specific operator and it’s unlikely that it’s easy to unlock it.

Which is better – Rostest or Eurotest?

In most cases, there is no difference, apart from the type of guarantee. So if this does not bother you, while the difference in cost is palpable for the budget, you can safely take the Eurotest device.

In some cases, for example, when only the official version of the smartphone supports the Russian language, it is worth giving preference to the PCT sign. But this is an exception to the rule..