What is the DTS mode in Huawei smartphones?

The acronym DTS stands for Digital Theater System, i.e. Digital Theater System. In fact, it is an algorithm by which encoding of audio information occurs.

Initially, the algorithm was created to demonstrate digital phonograms in cinemas in sync with rental film copies, today it can be found even on smartphones of some companies, including Huawei. The format is similar to Dolby Digital, but uses a lower compression level, so, in theory, it can sound even better.

In simple terms, the DTS is an “improver” of sound. On the same smartphones from Huawei, according to reviews, DTS really makes the sound more interesting – the sound becomes brighter, more voluminous and somewhere even more powerful. However, it is worth considering the fact that not all styles fit this codec.

It is interesting that on some devices from Huawei the DTS icon was indicated directly on the case, for example, on the Ascend G510: