What is the flight mode in a smartphone?

Talking on our website about the various difficulties that arise with devices based on the Android operating system, we have repeatedly mentioned the so-called flight mode, but we never really talked about it. What it is?

Airplane mode is an offline mode available on devices such as a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc. When this mode is activated, all functions capable of receiving or transmitting a signal are disabled, and this:

  • cellular
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

You probably have a question – what is it for? As you know, the reception and transmission of a signal during a flight on board an airliner can adversely affect the operation of the aircraft’s on-board systems, therefore, it is usually suggested to turn off all phones. But the flight mode allows you to turn off all signals, while other functions like listening to music, reading or watching videos will be available on the device, that is, it does not need to be turned off completely. This mode is called the flight mode precisely because it allows you to work with the device on board, while on some devices it is called offline mode.

Of course, the flight mode can be used anywhere and at any convenient time. For example, do not want to receive calls from friends in the next hour? You can simply turn on flight mode, although do not forget that other communications will be disabled.

By the way, a popular question is – can Wi-Fi be used when flight mode is on? Can. When you turn on airplane mode, Wi-Fi is usually disabled, but nothing prevents you from turning it on separately – without turning off airplane mode.

When the flight mode is used, a special sign is displayed on the smartphone screen, usually in the form of an airplane:


Turns on flight mode as easy as shelling pears. Call the curtain by swapping from the top of the screen to the bottom. Find the flight mode icon, in our case, in the form of an airplane. Press.

Flight mode is on, the icon has changed color.

There is a more complicated way. Go to settings.

Open the section with wireless networks.

Turn on airplane mode.

The first way, you see, is more convenient.