What is the front camera in the phone?

If you take almost any modern smartphone, phone or even tablet, then on the back of the case you will find the camera peephole. Maybe this particular camera is called frontal in mobile devices.?

Not at all. In fact, the front camera is called that camera, which is located on the front panel and allows you to take self-portraits (including selfies). Almost all smartphones are equipped with a front camera, but it is often difficult to notice, since the peephole is small, for example (Xiaomi Mi4):

Although some manufacturers make the camera’s peephole intentionally noticeable (HTC Desire EYE):

The front camera is not only necessary for creating self-portraits, it is also used for video calls, which have become more and more popular in recent years. And although some time ago manufacturers of front cameras did not pay much attention, now everything has changed – sometimes front cameras can compete with main cameras in the quality of shooting.

By the way, now even for front-facing cameras they began to use a flash. Such models are not so often found on sale, but everything may change in the future..

Recently, retractable front cameras (Honor 9X) are popular:

As well as built-in display. Please note that in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, the front camera is dual:

And it should be noted that the location of the front camera does not affect the quality of images. However, as an exception, we can note the Samsung Galaxy A80, in which there is no front camera at all, its role is played by the main module, which can be automatically turned over using a special mechanism.

Some time ago, so-called self-phones — smartphones with high-quality front-facing photo modules — gained popularity. Such models include, for example, Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual:

Today, the word “selfie” is practically not used, since the very flagship smartphones use a very high-quality front camera. A simple example is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, whose front-end is considered one of the best in the world of mobile technology.

Please note that it is integrated directly into the display..