What is the phone tone mode?

Imagine this situation: you call customer support, say, an Internet provider. To get to the support service, and not the sales service, you need to put the phone in tone mode and dial a number. Here, some users fall into a stupor – they say, what kind of tonal mode is and how to transfer the phone into it?

Tone mode (from the English. DTMF, Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) – a two-tone multi-frequency analog signal that is used for a telephone number.

There is another type of mode – pulse, it is obsolete and is used very rarely. The main advantage of the tone mode over the pulse mode is the speed of dialing, it is much higher.

How to put the phone into tone mode?

If you are calling from a mobile phone or smartphone, no way. The fact is that mobile devices initially work in tone mode. Accordingly, if the autoinformer asks you to put the phone in tone mode, you simply ignore this message and press the desired number on your smartphone to connect to the operator.

If the call comes from a landline phone, most likely it works in a pulsed mode, since most Russian exchanges work in this mode. Typically, the tone mode is activated by pressing the * (asterisk) key. In some cases, the telephone has separate buttons for two modes – P and T, respectively.