What is the PUK code in the phone?

When you receive a SIM card in the starter kit, you can always find data on the PIN code, which is an analogue of the password. It must be entered when the phone is turned on, unless, of course, the PIN function is activated. In the same place, in the starter kit, you can also find the so-called PUK code, and the number of characters in it is 8, but it can vary depending on the region (in the PIN code – 4 digits). So what is this PUK code?

PUK (from the English Personal unblocking code) is necessary in order to unlock a SIM card. So, if you enter the wrong PIN-code 3 times, the SIM card will be blocked. To unlock it, you must either contact the nearest mobile operator’s salon with your passport, or use the PUK code, which, in fact, allows you to unlock the SIM card without leaving your home.

It is noteworthy that with PUK1 you can only unlock a SIM card if PIN1 was used, and with PUK2 you can only unlock PIN2, respectively.

Today, PIN and PUK codes can be found directly on the card from which you removed the SIM card. It looks like this, where all the necessary codes are indicated (they are hidden by a protective layer when you purchase 🙂

By the way, the important point is that if the PIN code can be changed, for example, using the phone settings, then with the PUK code this focus will not work, since it is assigned to the card only once and for all.