What is Verlock in iPhone?

The word Neverlock can appear in the event that, for example, you decide to purchase an iPhone on message boards or simply decide to familiarize yourself with current offers on the market. For example, you may come across such an ad: “iPhone 6 for sale, wronglok.” Not many people know what this very wronglok means, but meanwhile, everything is very simple.

In Russia, the iPhone has been officially sold for many years, while our devices are trivially sold on the free market. In the same America, a different algorithm operates – as a rule, people purchase an iPhone with a contract from a mobile operator. In this case, the cost of the smartphone is a mere penny (of course, if you compare the cost with the new iPhone), however, the contract is concluded for a certain period during which the user must use the selected tariff. As you know, the cost of the tariff can not be called low. We do not have such a program, with rare exceptions.

So, iPhones that are purchased with an operator’s contract are locked under the SIM cards of this operator. If you use a SIM card of another operator, a call from the device or send an SMS message will not work, as it does not support another operator. Such smartphones are called locked – from the word Lock. As a rule, they are delivered to us by individuals from abroad.

Neverlock is an unlocked iPhone, that is, one that will work with all operators. So, those present in the free sale of the iPhone are unlocked, that is, they will work with any operator. There are, however, exceptions. If a user purchases an iPhone from an operator and then wants to unlock it so that he can work with other operators, he can do this by paying a certain amount to the operator – this is an official procedure, its cost depends only on the requests of the mobile operator.

The smartphone up to the iPhone 4 version could be reflashed programmatically, thereby unlocking it. However, with the release of new iOS firmware updates, such a possibility disappeared and today a full Neverlock is possible only if the carrier is paid for unlocking.

To find out if the iPhone is not a Verloc, you can use IMEI. You can also take and insert your operator’s SIM card and check if the device works, but the first method is much more reliable.

Is it worth buying a locked iPhone?

Only if it is sold with a huge markdown, while unlocking the operator will cost you a small amount. If you are not sure about this, we strongly recommend that you refuse to purchase.