Where does Android download files?

The Android operating system is significantly different from the Windows OS. For example, if when downloading a file on Windows we choose the folder to download, then in the case of Android, one storage is used. And where exactly are the files uploaded? Let’s understand.

Where are downloaded files stored??

If we are talking about files that users download from the network, then the Download folder is usually used for them. To find it, you must use any file manager, for example, ES Explorer, as in our case.

We go in and look for the Download folder. Please note: if you have a memory card installed, then the Download folder can be automatically created on it, where the downloaded files are placed.

And here is the downloaded file in the Download folder.

Where are the APK files stored??

We figured out the downloaded files. Now we turn to even more interesting questions – where are the APK files downloaded? Of course, they are also stored in the file system in the same way, but millet cannot be accessed like that – you need to get root-rights, and the latter, as you know, “remove” the device from the guarantee. Remember this if you decide to get root-rights for your device.

As in the previous case, we need a file manager. Run it, if necessary, provide it with the necessary rights. Then follow the path / Data / App – here downloaded files with APK resolution are stored. Please note that the path may be different depending on your file system..

Actually, here are the files themselves.

They can even be copied and installed if desired, although it is better not to do anything with them at all – in order to avoid any possible problems.