Where is the blacklist on my Samsung Galaxy phone?

Blacklist in modern smartphones is necessary to block numbers of subscribers, calls from which you would not want to receive. If the number is blocked, calls from it will not be accepted, and you can configure whether you will receive a notification about the call or not. And if many users know how to block numbers, then by no means all is aware of how to find a section with a black list. Let’s talk about smartphones Samsung. Please note that this instruction is suitable for both One UI firmware and TouchWiz..

First of all, open the “Phone” application, which is on the desktop.

Now you need to find and click on the settings button. In our example, it is made in the form of three points.

See the additional menu. In it, select “Settings”.

Next – the item “Blocking numbers”.

Blacklist with blocked numbers – right in front of you.

Video instruction

If you need to unlock one of the numbers, find the minus button opposite the desired number and click on it.

The number has been unlocked, as reported by the system.

If necessary, a previously unblocked number can be added to the blacklist again..