Where is the hosts file in the Android device and how to open it?

You probably know that the hosts file is on the Windows operating system. There is it on the Android operating system, where it is the most important component when accessing the Internet. Some applications use the file and edit the parameters in it, as a result of which there may be problems with access to some resources. The user can independently find and even edit the hosts file, however, provided that root-rights are installed on the device.

Our site has already talked about how to find out if there are root rights on a smartphone or tablet. If there are no root rights, install them. How to do this, you can find out on the well-known forum w3bsit3-dns.com – find on it a theme with firmware for your gadget.

Next, you need a conductor. We use ES Explorer. At the first start, it will be necessary to confirm the root access for this application. Next, go to the “Device” and select the System folder.

Here we click on the etc folder.

We find the hosts file and tap on it.

Select the program in which the file should be opened. For example, ES Editor.

Hosts file opened.

You can edit it by clicking on the pencil..

Just remember that this must be done very carefully. One wrong or extra character can cause serious problems.