Where is the shopping cart in your Honor or Huawei phone?

Remember, more recently, Android smartphones did not have a basket for deleted images? Fortunately, today many companies have added this feature in their touch devices and firmware. Huawei was not an exception with its brand Honor. In this article we will tell and show where to look for a basket.

Interestingly, in EMUI, the basket is turned on by default (in any case, for the version used in our example). And this is great – there will be an opportunity to recover deleted photos.

Open the Gallery.

Here you will see a list of albums. You need a recently deleted album.

The album shows images and videos that you deleted through the gallery – this is the basket. As you can see, the recovery period is quite long – as much as 30 days. To restore a photo, tap on it, and then click on the “Restore” button.

An item recovery message appeared.

Check in the main menu – the photo should appear in the album from which it was deleted. In our example, the album “Camera”.

Of course, you can permanently delete the photo from the basket – if necessary. Just don’t mix up the buttons.