Where is the shopping cart on your Samsung phone?

Samsung’s One UI firmware turned out to be very cool: simple, convenient, beautiful, fast and, importantly, functional. For example, a basket for images appeared in it, with which you can recover deleted photos – provided that the basket is turned on. Where is she located? Let’s watch.

We go to the “Gallery”.

Push the button in the form of three points.

Tap on the line “Basket”.

And we see the deleted images. As is clear from the screenshot, the objects from the trash will be deleted 15 days after deletion permanently, respectively, that is how much time you have to restore them.

Image recovery is easy. We click on the photo, then tap on the “Restore” button (highlighted in red in the screenshot).

The image has been restored, as indicated by the corresponding inscription.

You can check – the photo should appear in the main directory of the gallery. In the same way, you can permanently delete images from the trash..

Video instruction

If the basket in your case is disabled for some reason, we strongly recommend that you turn it on immediately. To do this, click on the three dots in the gallery and select “Settings” from the menu.

Find the item “Basket” and turn it on.


Now images after deletion will be moved to the trash, and not deleted permanently.