Where to install the game cache on Android?

Many users know what the cache for games for devices based on the Android operating system is. For those who are not in the know, recall that the cache is, you can say, the archive in which the game levels, its textures, various videos and other files are located. In other words, this is the data without which the game will not start.

As a rule, when downloading a large-volume game from the Google Play Market, only the installation file is downloaded, which is necessary for the initial launch of the application. As soon as the application is launched, for the subsequent launch of the game, you need to download the cache – the system downloads it automatically using Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. It looks something like this:

This applies only to those cases when the user downloads the game from the online store. If the game is downloaded from a third-party resource, then the application itself may consist of two files: an APK file (the application itself) and an archive with a cache. We talked about installing games manually in detail, so we will not repeat ourselves. The main question for users raises the question of installing the cache, since it must be installed strictly in a certain directory in order for the game to start. If you move the cache to another place, the game will not start or will start, but it may produce “artifacts”.

As for the directory for the cache, you can find information about it directly on the site from which the cache itself was downloaded. For example, the information may look like this:

Then transfer the unzipped cache folder to the desired directory.

Please note that for games of some developers there will be a cache path, for example:

  • Games from Gameloft: sdcard / gameloft / games / Name of the game
  • Games from Electronic Arts (EA): sdcard / Android / data / Game Name
  • Games from Glu: sdcard / glu / Game Name
  • Games from most other developers: sdcard / Android / data / Game name, sdcard / Android / obb / Game name or sdcard / Game name

Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you read the cache path information on the resource where the game was downloaded in order to avoid launch problems.