Why do not SMS on the phone and what to do?

Although a large number of various messengers have recently appeared, a complete rejection of SMS messages is not yet possible. And they are quite popular. However, SMS messages do not always reach the subscriber. What it can be connected with and what to do in this case – in our article. And, by the way, with the mobile operator, be it MTS, Beeline, Megafon or Tele2, as a rule, the problem is not related.

Change a non-working SIM card

Rather, the card itself may be operational, but not completely. The fact is that at a certain point in time a SIM card, especially if you have been using it for a long time, may fail.

But the bottom line is that you can make incoming and outgoing calls, but SMS messages do not come. In this case, it is recommended to change the SIM card to a new one. Fortunately, this is free, and the process takes several minutes of time. The main thing is to get to the nearest office of the telecom operator without forgetting to take your passport with you – for identification.

Check phone settings

In the settings of your device, you must make sure that the specified data is correct. So, it is very important to find out the SMS center number for your operator. If on the phone it is different from the one that the operator tells you or from what you saw on the operator’s website, you need to replace it with the current one. Moreover, even if the number is correct, it is still recommended to delete it and write it down again.

You can find out the number of the SMS center both from the telecom operator by calling the hotline or on the official website of the company. Detailed instructions for changing the SMS center number.

Clear device memory

It is no secret that in push-button phones, as a rule, there is a limit on the number of SMS messages, not necessarily incoming, but even outgoing. If the memory is completely full, then you will not see the incoming SMS message.

What to do? Of course, you need to clear the memory by deleting unnecessary messages. After this, there should be no problems with message delivery..

We delete third-party applications

Often the problem is related to the installation of additional applications. You probably heard about the applications that are necessary to receive / send SMS messages? In some cases, during installation, they may conflict with the software built into the smartphone, and then messages do not come.

How to be Removing such an application should help.

What is interesting: if you do not have such an application installed, but you do not receive SMS, then installing a third-party application for SMS messages can solve the problem. Install one of the popular applications and see if messages start to arrive..

In the Play Market, look for the key “sms” (without quotes).

Choose the application to taste.

Remove the virus

In modern smartphones, viruses have long been found. Often they don’t give themselves away, so you won’t understand right away that the problem is in the malicious file. Install antivirus, update the database and scan the system for malicious files.

Watching the blacklist

Almost all smartphones support the blacklisting feature. In this case, not only calls, but also SMS messages will not be received from it. You need to go to the black list on your phone and make sure that the number is not listed in it. If you see him there, delete the number from the emergency.

Reboot device

If the problem lurks in a software failure, then a simple phone reboot may help..

Press the power button and hold it until the menu appears on the display.

In the menu, select “Reboot”.

Do a factory reset

If all else fails, then in extreme cases, you can try to reset the settings (the so-called Hard Reset). This function allows you to return the device to its original settings, but all data will be deleted. Therefore, before doing a reset, you need to save all the necessary information.

You should resort to this method only if you have tried all other options.