Why is it necessary to turn off the phone / smartphone in an airplane?

“Dear passengers! We ask you to disconnect mobile phones and smartphones, and also not to use other electronic devices during takeoff. ” Is that familiar? Such a phrase was heard by any passenger of an airliner. However, many do not know why this is necessary. The answer is very interesting..

The use of radio devices on board an aircraft was prohibited many decades ago and the reason for this is quite objective – radio waves can adversely affect the operation of aircraft devices, which is confirmed.

It was a long time ago, you say, surely progress has stepped far forward. This is partly true, because engineers have learned to minimize the obstacles that arise as a result of the operation of electronic devices on board an aircraft – including modern smartphones with telephones. And yet there is some possibility of interference during the operation of the devices, which is why they are asked to be turned off urgently – primarily during take-off and landing of the aircraft.

In addition, it is alleged that radio interference even affects the sound from the speaker, with the help of which the passengers of the airliner or the captain communicate with passengers.

By the way, please note that after takeoff, users are allowed to use mobile devices, including the same smartphones or tablets. However, they must be transferred to the so-called flight mode, which disables all communications.

Accordingly, radio waves will not interfere with the flight. In addition to mobile devices, it is not permitted to use some other devices on board an aircraft. Which ones, it is worth to find out from the air carrier.