Why is my phone not charging via USB from my computer? What to do?

In fact, a similar problem is very rare. As soon as you connect your smartphone / phone to the USB port of a computer or laptop, it immediately starts automatically charging. This, so to speak, is the norm. Even if you connect the device to the USB port of the TV, the smartphone will also start charging in the same way. Yes, not as fast as from the network, but it will be charged. Nevertheless, some users complain that when the device is connected, it does not even start to charge. What is the matter?

If we were talking about tablets, it would be much easier to answer the question posed: this is due to the fact that some tablet models do not initially imply charging from USB. The reason is simple: they spend more energy than they get from the USB port of a computer or laptop. This applies to large tablets, with much smaller smartphones there are no such restrictions, and therefore we must look for the reason.

Device reboot

This is the first thing you should do with this kind of problem. If there was a failure in the smartphone software, it is the reboot that allows you to cope with it in most cases.

Reboot the gadget, reconnect to the USB port and see if charging has started.

Cable inspection

It would seem that what could happen to a USB cable? It looks like new … Yes, most often the USB cable really looks like new or, at least, is in excellent condition, but this does not mean that it functions normally. It is enough to squeeze it only once, for example, with the leg of a chair so that it stops working.

Check this, incidentally, is easy. Connect the USB cable with the phone to the network charge and see if the device is charging. If yes, it’s definitely not the cable.

By the way, even if the cable is working, but you have another one, try using it..

Cleaning the microUSB connector pins

Pay attention to the microUSB port on the smartphone itself. Perhaps dust has accumulated in it and the contacts need to be cleaned – the problem is in them.

In a good way, it’s better to clean the contacts with an eraser, but they can’t be trivial to crawl into such a small hole, so you can use a denticum or a match with cotton wool. And be extremely careful – one awkward movement and the microUSB port will be disabled. In this case, the phone will not work at all..

Using other USB ports

Be sure to use a different USB port, if one is present. It is possible that the current USB port does not supply energy, or there is not enough current, or it has completely failed.

Lack of current for charging

If there is not enough current, the smartphone will not charge from the USB port. However, like other devices.

Why is there a lack of current? The reasons can be different: lack of energy in the USB port that is on the front panel – a common problem, you must use the port that is on the back of the system unit; low-power circuit motherboard; component settings, etc..

microUSB port not working

In this case, we are talking about the microUSB port of the smartphone. If it fails, then the device does not charge at all and there is only one way out – change the part.

What if nothing helps?

To get started, try connecting a smartphone with another computer or laptop to a USB port. If it doesn’t charge even in this case, it’s for sure the device itself, but only a specialist can figure out the true reason.