Why Xiaomi does not see the computer via USB and what to do?

Imagine for a moment that you connected the just-bought Xiaomi smartphone to a computer or laptop, so that, as an example, transfer some files. And you are surprised to find that your device does not see the smartphone. Why? What to do? As a rule, this issue is solved very simply..

In the latest version of Android, data protection is used: until you allow it, other devices, whether a computer or laptop, will not be able to see the file system. So you need to grant permission.

Connect your smartphone to a PC or laptop using a cable to the USB port. Unlock the smartphone screen. Next, you can see the corresponding connection message with a choice of action. If this does not happen, simply swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom to display the shortcut menu – like this:

Click USB Charge. And select “File Transfer” if you want to access all the file systems, or “Photo Transfer (PTP)” if you want to transfer only images. We use the first option.

Thus, we provide access to the file system of a PC or laptop. Open My Computer and see your device. Open it.

Next, you will see the internal memory and, if there is a USB flash drive, a memory card. We only have internal memory.

The file system is in front of you. If you suddenly need it, the photos are located in the DCIM – Camera folder.

If you don’t give the device access to the file system of the smartphone, you will not see anything in the last folder.

Driver installation

If the case described above does not suit you, you may not have the necessary drivers, although this is unlikely. They are easy to find on the network, simply by googling the right smartphone model.

Check USB cable

Sometimes the problem is in the cable – it does not transmit a signal. Check if there is a cut somewhere or it will fray.

Enable USB debugging

It is unlikely, but this option can also help – turn on USB debugging. This is done through the developer mode, which must first be enabled. If it is on, skip to the end of the article..

Open “Settings”, then – “My device”.

Select “All Options”.

7 times click on the line “MIUI Version” until you see a message about the activation of the mode for developers.

Go back to the main settings menu and select “Advanced Settings”.

Click “For Developers”.

Turn on the item “Debugging via USB”.

Check if your Xiaomi sees a PC or laptop.