Xiaomi smart cover mode: what is it?

Today we will consider one very unusual question that is often asked by users of Xiaomi smartphones and tablets: what does the item “Smart Cover Mode” in the settings mean? The answer is simple.

Here’s what this item looks like on the screen of a Xiaomi smartphone or tablet:

In fact, everything is quite simple. You probably could hear about the so-called “smart” covers for mobile devices. They are a book format, when in order to access the screen, the cover needs to be opened – just like a book. Here is an example of a case:

Such smart covers have built-in magnets. In turn, the smartphone or tablet has a special magnetic sensor, which is located under the glass. When you open a “smart” case, the device’s display automatically unlocks, which is very convenient.

So, returning to our item “Smart Cover Mode”, which you can find in Xiaomi devices, we inform that this function activates a “smart” case. What does it mean? If you enable this function, then when using the smart cover, the desktop will automatically unlock when the cover is opened. When you deactivate the function, unlock the device when you open the cover you have to yourself. Actually, that’s the whole answer..