Aggregation of frequencies in a smartphone: what is it?

So you bought a new smartphone, started looking at the menu with interest, and then your eyes fall on the strange item “Frequency aggregation”. The question immediately arises – what kind of item is this and why is it needed? Moreover, you can enable or disable it.

Frequency aggregation is such a mode in which the device can connect to several communication channels at the same time, increasing the speed of mobile Internet (meaning range numbers according to the 3GPP classification: 3, 7, 20, etc.).

An example is a highway with two lanes. If you add one or two bands, the bandwidth of such a road will increase significantly – the same thing happens when using frequency aggregation, when your smartphone can connect to several band frequencies (if it allows the cellular service provider).

To enable frequency aggregation, go to the Settings app (relevant for Huawei smartphones).

Select the Wireless Networks section..

Click on the line “Mobile Network”.

Tap on “Advanced” at the bottom of the screen.

Enable Frequency Aggregation.

Pay attention to the warning – if the service provider does not support this function, the data service may not work correctly, so you should disable frequency aggregation.

Reboot your smartphone.

After that, you can check the network speed – if the carrier aggregation supports frequency aggregation, it should grow.